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804 Mesh Extender (Booster)


Mesh Wi-Fi is to boost the Wi-Fi signal and performance in your home. Mesh Wi-Fi combines a router with a series of small wireless devices— called satellites—which you place in different rooms in your home. These satellites communicate with the router and provide you with a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home. With Mesh Wi-Fi you don’t have to sign in to a separate network just to use it, because your Wi-Fi password is applied automatically when you are within range of the Wi-Fi satellite. Once you’re connected to your Mesh Wi-Fi network, there’s nothing else you need to do. You can roam freely and securely in your home with any of your devices and not have to worry about losing your connection or dealing with poor performance.


Ups Battery backup


Hearst Connect sells this model of battery backup (UPS) in case of power failure. This battery allows your modem to run for a few hours so your phone and the internet will work in case of emergency.

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