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Non-Bundle 59.95/month
Bundle 46.00$/month 

6. Météo Média_Channel 7.png
7. CPAC_Channel 8.png
8. Noovo Montreal HD_Channel 9.png
9. TFO HD_Channel 10.png
10. TV5 HD_Channel 11.png
12. ICI EXPLORA HD_Channel 13.png
13. Canal Vie HD_Channel 14.png
14. Investigation HD_Channel 15.png
15. Yoopa HD_Channel 16.png
16. CASA HD_Channel 17.png
17. Z Télé HD_Channel 18.png
18. VRAK HD_Channel 19.png
19. ICI ARTV HD_Channel 20.png
20. Canal D HD_Channel 21.png
21. ELLE Fictions HD_Channel 22.png
22. AMI-Télé_Channel 23.png
23. Savoir Média_Channel 24.png
24. Evasion HD_Channel 25.png
25. Zeste HD_Channel 26.png
26. Teletoon French_Channel 27.png
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